Hanna Varis

Turku Christmas Calender

Every day, Hanna's


artwork opens up on the calendar's doors to cheer up Christmas

Each picture is accompanied by a story about the background of the work. They will appear on these pages in December.

The view is from Vähätori

n the background is Casagrandentalo, with the text Omnia vincit amor on it ending in love In front of Turku's old library, a fountain lion can fall in love with a Bird in Blue.
Turku Minor Market is a market square in front of the old main library in Turku. Vähätori was already included in the Engel town plan of 1828 after the fire in Turku under the name Trekantiga torg. The market was renovated into a yard-type lounge in 2009–2010. Half of the cost of the rehabilitation came from the European Regional Development Fund [1]. The Building Products Industry RTT and the Horticultural Association awarded Vähätori an honorable mention in the Environmental Design of the Year competition in 2011. [2] Inside the market, a G. A. Petrelius shower well donated by Gustav Albert Petrelius in 1924 and sculpted by Gunnar Finne and Armas Lindgren