Hanna Varis

Turku Christmas Calender

Every day, Hanna's


artwork opens up on the calendar's doors to cheer up Christmas

Each picture is accompanied by a story about the background of the work. They will appear on these pages in December.


Now on Independence Day it is time to celebrate and raise our cup to ours to the grandparents who fought for Finland and for whom we have this independence. Samppalinna is a magnificent lace villa in Turku. Every time Turku firing up fireworks that I love above all else (because I am fireworks freak) that's why they also appear in my book, so do they sent from the hill behind Samppalinna. Samppalinna Restaurant started its operations in 1865. It was built by P.C. Rettig next to the then Aura River steamboat harbor. The restaurant the proceeds formed the Samppalinna Fund, which provided funds beautifying the hill and riverfront surrounding the restaurant.