Hanna Varis

Turku Christmas Calender

Every day, Hanna's


artwork opens up on the calendar's doors to cheer up Christmas

Each picture is accompanied by a story about the background of the work. They will appear on these pages in December.

Friendship is heavenly

ystavyys on taivaallista
There are two versions of this book. Another grayscale graphic with the above name. (size 19 x 29 cm)

ystävyys on taivaallista iso
Countess Kristina Katarina Stenbock and sincere Mrs. Ingeborg Gerdner verbally happy that Turku's membership will grow into a princess cake " which is once again a unique size (100 x 145 cm). The above persons are truly historical figures and in Turku eating Aschan's Princess Cake. This book describes a wonderful working friendship that is a great asset when find one

ilo syleilee Turkua