Hanna Varis

Turku Christmas Calender

Every day, Hanna's


artwork opens up on the calendar's doors to cheer up Christmas

Each picture is accompanied by a story about the background of the work. They will appear on these pages in December.

The song of the spheres

When I was a teenager, I read astronomy and it was said that in due course as people watched the stars, they noticed certain trajectories between planets. It was imagined that planets move in the sky along transparent surfaces and their friction against each other the song of the Spheres is born.

Sounds great.

When I first visited the King's Hall in Turku Castle, I experienced a tremendous impression on the state. The most beautiful almost ever!

I also wanted to bring Baroque music to the space. I played the piano myself when I was young and my dad was a BACH freak, so I wanted a bit of the same music creeps into this state, though at first I thought The notes of Sibelius's Valse Trise would be pretty extreme, but I ended up such a poetic wannabe baroque for music to look.