Hanna Varis

Turku Christmas Calender

Every day, Hanna's


artwork opens up on the calendar's doors to cheer up Christmas

Each picture is accompanied by a story about the background of the work. They will appear on these pages in December.

Wind to the Sails….

Rotates the Turku windmill for ships and everyone on the sea and river huge opportunities for lovers. When I moved to Turku in 1995 I first fell in love with the river and the sea. And then to these incredible hills. Samppalinna Hill in Turku, Finland located in an old red mill. It stands at one of the seven in Turku hills (7 hills are also in Rome, Moscow and Jerusalem), but no longer swings its wings but tells the tale of time. The mill is red like the Moulin Rouge in Paris and Turku is a bit like Finland Paris with its rivers and bridges. Now there is a summer theater next to the Mill with rotating stages. The mill was built in 1860 by Juho Antinpoika, who saw a business idea in the manufacture of ship hulls. That's what it is has become one of the most spectacular landmarks in Finland's most historic landmark the city.